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Good day Dixieland!

The months and months of planning and dedication to the Dixieland Spring Art Fest along with our years of learning from our mistakes paid off this last Saturday, April 16th 2016.

Our fifth annual Dixieland Spring Art Fest has proven to be our best one yet!  Each year we learn more ways to improve and continue to do so.

Special thanks to all who helped, Mary Smith, Cindy Green, Dewy Cain, Karen Moore, Fay Moore, Mary Carrara, Roberto Leider, James Signer, Leah and her husband, Barbara Watkins, Rebeca Whitcomb, Josh Bump Galletta, Newman, Cynthia Haffey and the Platform Art team, Lynn Sympkins,  City of Lakeland, Lakeland Explorers, Lakeland Police Department, Artists and vendors for attending and who helped with advertising, Lakeland Parks and Recreation, Dixieland Elementary, Guardian ad litem, Officer Thompson, Officer Dao, Detective Tammy Hathcock, Officer David Guptill, Officer West, and of course our Sponsors: Lakeland CRA, Florida Presbyterian Homes, The Pink Piano, SHR Human Resources, LLC, Concord Coffee, Dixie Trapper, Agnini Family Dental, Folsom, CORE wealth Advisors, Karie L. Sanoba, P.A., CPS Investment Advisors and WellDyne Rx.  

Here are a few responses we received about our 5th Annual Dixieland Spring Atr Fest

“I want to thank you for having me as a vendor at the Dixieland Spring Fest.  We had a great time, loved the entertainment, and met some wonderful new friends. Susie”

“Many thanks for an excellent show.  It was my first and I was a bit nervous. Needless to say it was a very fun and relaxed day.  Great job! Tim”

“Want to thank you again, I have to admit it was one of the BEST details I have ever worked. It was so uplifting to be around so many wonderful people. I can’t wait until next year! Ellen”

We had many positive comments about the Lakeland Police Department, Explorers and the entertainment.



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