Dixieland Neighborhood Association

Project Ideas

  • Dixieland Historic District Sign Repair / Renovation - The signs marking our historic district need repainting and repair. The one that -was- at Lake Hunter Drive at Sikes Blvd. was apparently knocked down by a vehicle. That sign needs some repairs in addition to being repainted. A sign painting / repair party was suggested. We may need someone who has a spot welder. Hopeful that the bent post can be straightened with the right tools, lots of leverage, and a measured amount of force.
  • Fitness Activities (from Karen Moore) - Nightly scheduled walk/runs cost nothing, and are something that might be popular among the DNA members. Maybe a sign-up list could be offered. Rick Perez commented, "I think first we need to find a enthusiastic person that would like to organize this. A good question to pose in the post to the group is if there is a person or persons interested in coordinating a regular run/walk." Karen replied, "Maybe Mary Corea and I could get this going."
  • Bartering project / directory (from Mary Smith) - create a mechanism where people in the neighborhood can barter their goods and services with others in the neighborhood
  • Bike - pedestrian safety improvement plan (from Rick Perez) - My wife and I regularly run, bike and walk and we have concerns about people driving too fast through the neigbhorhood and the fact that their is not a network of sidewalks in our neighborhood like they have in the other historic districts. To begin with we should meet with the City's traffic engineering and planning staff to follow up on a study that was done in 2001. Then talk to them about options such as installing new sidewalks (or at least filling in the gaps that exist), removing the pavement over the old brick underneath, street signage, bike lanes, and so on. Some of this stuff, they may not be able to do in the near term because of funding, but if we have it in a plan then eventually when there is money we will have an opportunity. Other things like the rebricking the City is actively doing today in other historic neighborhoods today and we could see it done in short order. Anyways, I think there is a lot to discuss on this topic and I think it is an important one we need to consider. I always worry about kids in our neighborhood when I see cars cut through our neighborhood at 30 or 35 mph.
  • Dixieland Alleycats (from Karen Moore) - a group of volunteers who patrol our alleys, and make any necessary calls to code enforcement, or get any other alley-related problems
  • Feral Cat project (from Faye Moore)
  • Dixieland Neighborhood Business and Resource Directory (from Mic Gunderson)
  • - Choose area to include (Dixieland Historic District and CRA?)
  • - Map of area with numbered icons for each listing
  • - Make an interactive map with Google Maps and then add pictures that give better resolution than Google Street View. Add other Google resources to add more value (e.g., help / encourage businesses to index themselves on Google Business Directory)
  • - Business name
  • - Brief general description (one sentence)
  • - Address and phone #
  • - Website and email links
  • - Products and services offered (use a list so that it will be searchable by radio button scripts)
  • - Online coupons, discount codes, or ‘ask for’ discounts
  • - Listing must be verified at least once a year
  • - Also include public buildings and entities that may not be retail businesses per se
  • - Use this service to generate revenue for the association
  • Dixieland Film Festival
  • Dixieland Music Festival (featuring Dixieland music?)
  • Movies in the Parks
  • Concerts in the Parks
  • Softball Games
  • Basketball Tournament
  • Bicycle Races and Tours
  • Fun Run / Walks
  • Dixieland Exercise / Walking Route
  • Clean-Up Projects - perhaps a series of section by section clean-ups (including alleys) to be followed by a block party
  • Photographic record of the neighborhood (almost like Google street view, but with better quality images and annotations) - like what was described for the businesses - but covering the residential areas; Update it once a year and archive the prior images as historic record
  • Posted by RW2011 on 02/12/2011
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